Who We Are

We are the best quality and service restaurant

Sal y Chili is one of the best Indian restaurant located in the Madrid,Spain. We are committed to providing you with an authentic taste of Indian cuisine that is always prepared with fresh vegetables, spices and low-fat meat, prepared by our professional chef . We strive to serve our best traditional curries and snacks to give our customers the real feeling of the refined and mouth-watering Indian food in a foreign land. We serves freshly prepared dishes with a balance between sweet, sour, pungent and spicy food. We welcome you to experience the taste of Sal y Chili and hope that you would never forget the taste of our authentic mouth-watering dishes and the overall experience at our restaurant.

Our Team

Namaste! Have a look at our food menu, which contains Royal & traditional best cuisine in many different categories. Whether you’re looking for an ideal location for a royal dinner or elegant high quality food experience, Sal y Chili menu is well balanced combination of authentic Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Visit us for experience the authentic flavors of food.

Home Delivery – Order Online

If you want to enjoy authentic food with comfort of their home, You may place an order online pay either online using online payment or cash on delivery.